Section 12


Friday - 10:00 A.M.
Mandatory Driver's meeting @ 09:30
Eric Schlegel - Co-Chairman
Danny Bieber - Co-Chairman
George Young - Co-Chairman
Dennis Gilbert, Mark Angstadt,
Jennifer Bieber, Jarylynn Schlegel,
Todd Gilbert, Jeff Bieber, Chris Lynn,
Henry Schlegel, Nevin Hamm

East Penn Manufacturing

Eligibility of Tractor

1. Contests open to farm tractors with rubber tires. Four wheel drive tractors pull in two wheel drive with no possibility of being automatically or accidentally shifted into four wheel drive during pull. No dual tires, tire studs, chains and absolutely NO cut tires of any nature are permitted.
2. Each tractor may be entered in NO MORE than 3 Different weight Classes. Any tractor entering either class 1 and/or class 2 may not enter classes 5 thru 7.
3. No secondary drivers will be permitted unless the committee deems otherwise, based on number of primary entries and time permitting.
4. Each tractor will be issued a identifying number that must be visible at all times to ensure the tractor is entered no more than once in each class. Driver is responsible for finding a safe way to visibly adhere the number to the tractor.
5. Registration and money must be received prior to pull. This applies to all on-line registrations as well as in person registration. Registration for Class 1 will be closed at 9:30am. Registration for all classes will be closed at 12:00pm.
6. Minimum drawbar length 24 inches from center of the rear axle to the point of the hook. Drawbar to be stationary in all directions, 20 inches form the top of hitching device parallel to the ground. This rule will be strictly enforced.
7. Drawbars must be equipped with a hitching device minimum 3/4" not more than 1 1/2 inch in thickness and must have a 3 inch diameter opening. Pulling point may not be more than 1 1/2 inches from back edge of the hitching device.
8. No pressurized tanks allowed. No oxygen allowed and no water injection permitted.
9. All engine radiators must be properly shrouded.
10. All exhausts must be discharged upward above the highest point of the tractor and be securely attached or factory installed.
11. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled or the sled hitch during a pull. Hitch must be easily accessible for track personnel.
12. All weights must be safely secured to the tractor.
13. Stock block tractors are tractors having a standard block and crankcase for make and model being entered. (Chassis must conform with the engine being entered).
14. Contest open to farm tractors having a stock crand case for the make and model being entered with no visible modifications. Turbo chargers will be allowed only on factory equipped tractors.
15. No weight frame or weight may extend 24 inches beyond front of tractor.
16. All tractors must be equipped with a hood and grill.
17. All tractors must be equipped with a minimum of 2lb dry chemical fire extinguisher convenient to the operator.
18. Tractors must remain within the boundaries of the track. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
19. Tractor must be occupied while it is running.
20. Only track personnel are permitted on the track, crew members may not be on the track once the drivers meeting has been held.

Entry fee $10.00 per Tractor
Subject to change according to insurance change.

Preregister at oleyfairtractorpulls@verizon.net
Include the following information:
Name, address, township,
tractor, weight/class.

All tractor pulling contests that are not completed as scheduled
(due to weather conditions or time restrictions), will be cancelled.

Farm Tractor Pulling Contest
1. Operators under the age of 18 must have written permission of parents or guardians to enter the contest.
2. Contest open to farm tractors with rubber tires. No four wheel drive, dual tires, tire studs, chains and absolutely NO cut tires of any nature are permitted.
3. Each tractor may be entered in no more than 3 different classes. Any tractor entering class 1 and/or class 2 may not enter classes 5 thru 7. (One prize per tractor ONLY).
4. All weights must be securely fastened to the tractor. Frame weights will be allowed.
5. Any article not securely fastened and falling onto the track will disqualify the tractor in that particular class.
6. Tractors must leave track under own power or tractor will be disqualified for that class.
7. The use of torque converters, automatic shifts, etc will be permitted during the pull. Driver may not exceed established pace set by the Tractor Pull Committee.
8. A horn will be used to notify drivers when exceeding speed set by committee. Each driver will receive 2 warnings, if a 3rd horn blows the driver will be disqualified. Driver must make every attempt to slow tractor down with each warning horn. If no attempt is made driver will be disqualified.
9. Tractor drawbar shall not exceed more than 20 inches from the ground at point of hitch. Drawbar to be stationary in all directions.
10. Operators must be seated during the pull and have at least one hand on the steering at all times.
11. All pulls must be started from a tight hitch. (No jerking permitted).
12. Tractors must be stopped immediately upon a signal from the flagman. The pull shall be considered over when the forward motion of the load stops. The flagman shall hold hole-digging to a minimum.
13. All tractor engine RPM limited to 10% over factory rated high idle. There will be no exceptions to this rule and any tractor in question will be checked electronically directly after the pull. Any tractor found to be in violation of the RPM rule will be disqualified.
14. Operators shall report at the specified time and place for weighing. (Drivers must be weighed with tractor). Drivers for the first class must be registered & weighed by 9:30a.m.
**Registration for all classes will be closed at 12:00pm.**
15. Each driver must sign a statement relieving the Oley Fair Association of any liability in case of accident.
16. Only the driver is permitted on the tractor at all times whether on the track or in the pits.
17. There must be at least 4 entries in each class to receive 3 prizes. Anyone changing or meddling will be disqualified.
18. Contest open to farm tractors having a stock crank case for the make and model being entered with no visible modifications. Turbo chargers will be allowed only on factory equipped tractors.
19. Committee in charge reserves the right to stop and disqualify any tractor if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.
20. Violation of any rule shall constitute disqualification.

Class 1 under 6000lb. 3.5 MPH
Class 2 under 7000lb. 3.5 MPH
Class 3 under 9000lb. 4.5 MPH
Class 4 under 11000lb. 4.5 MPH
Class 5 under 13000lb. 4.5 MPH
Class 6 under 15000lb. 5    MPH
Class 7 under 17000lb. 5    MPH

  Entries from Oley Fair Area Entries from Outside Fair Area
1st $30.00 & Trophy $30.00 & Trophy
2nd $25.00 & Ribbon $25.00 & Ribbon
3rd $20.00 & Ribbon $20.00 & Ribbon