Health Rules & Regulations
Cattle & Beef

These Rules and Regulations Apply to:
Departments 2, 3, 10-2, 10-3, 11-2, 11-3


All animals must have an official ear tag.

1. No cattle showing clinical signs of contagious or infectious disease, including active ring worm, warts, lice and mange will be admitted to any show.

2. All cattle for exhibition in Pennsylvania should be accompanied by a health certificate signed by an accredited veterinarian that includes a statement that the animal(s) identified have been immunized against IBR, PI3 and BVD using at least 2 doses of killed vaccine, 2-4 weeks apart or one dose of MLV vaccine. The most recent vaccine must be administered not less than 15 days or more than 180 days before the show. With proper directions from you veterinarian, your health certificate should be good for 90 days.

3. An "Animal Owner or Caretaker's Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship" form must be presented upon arrival at all shows and fairs in Pennsylvania. A sample copy of this form can be found on the next page. Copies will be accepted.

4. "A current rabies vaccination administered by a licensed veterinarian is required for animals 3 months of age and older (market cattle are exempt from this vaccination). All vaccine label directions must be followed, and all rabies vaccinated cattle information must be included on the CVI.