Mary Heffner & George Vamvakias - Co-Chairmen



General Rules:

1. All sheep exhibited must be accompanied by an official
    certificate of health signed by a licensed veterinarian indicating
    he has inspected the flock of which the animals are a part and
    found them free from Scabies and other transmittable diseases.
2. Any animal of unthrifty nature, unsuitable condition, or which
    cannot be satisfactorily handled under show conditions, must
    be removed from the fairgrounds.
3. The fair reserves the right to limit the number of entries per
    exhibitor to fit the space available.
4. Entry forms must be submitted to Chairman by September 1st.
5. All sheep must be owned and cared for by exhibitor thirty days     prior to the Fair.
6. All animals for exhibition must be in place by Wednesday
    evening before 8:00 p.m. and remain on the grounds until
    8:00 p.m. closing day.
7. No more then 10 animals per exhibitor..

Health Rules for Sheep:

1. No sheep showing clinical signs of contagious, infectious or
    external parasitic disease including foot rot and sore mouth
    will be admitted to any show.
2. All show sheep must be individually identified by an ear tag
    or tattoo, and this identification must be listed on the health
3. The flock of origin, including sheep consigned to a show shall
    be examined by an accredited veterinarian. The veterinarian
    must prepare the official health certificate (Aal-13) and must
    state on the health certificate that he examined the entire flock
    and found no evidence of contagious, infectious, or external
    parasitic disease. The date of examination must also appear on     the health certificate. All sheep from other states must be
    accompanied by an interstate health certificate issued by an
    accredited veterinarian indicating that the entire flock was
    examined for health within 30 days.
4. All sheep except wethers must bear an official
    U.S.D.A./A.P.H.I.S. eartag to be exhibited at the show.
    Sheep from flocks on the voluntary scrapie program must bear     the official eartag, tattoo, or electronic ear implant.
5. An "Animal Owner of Caretaker's Verification of Veterinarian-     Client-Patient-Relationship" form must be presented upon
    arrival at all shows and fairs in Pennsylvania.
6. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CW) issued within
    90 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition is required.
7. A current rabies vaccination administered by a licensed
    veterinarian is required for animals 3 months of age and older
    (market sheep are exempt from this vaccination requirement).
    All vaccine label directions must be followed, and all rabies
    vaccinated sheep must be accompanied by a rabies
    vaccination certificate or the vaccination information must be
    included on the CVI. If a rabies vaccination certificate is
    provided, the certificate must contain legible name and contact
    information of the veterinarian who administered the vaccine
    and the veterinarianís signature.
    A copy of the rabies vaccination certificate is acceptable.
8. The most recent vaccine must be administered not less than
    15 days or more than 180 days before the show, with proper
    directions from your veterinarian, your health certificate
    should be good for 90 days.

Sheep Breeding
Section 1 Cheviot          
Section 2 Corriedale          
Section 3 Dorset          
Section 4 Hampshire          
Section 5 Oxford          
Section 6 Shropshire          
Section 7 Southdown          
Section 8 Suffolk          
Section 9 Rommney          
Section 10 BorderLeichester          
Section 11 Tunis          
Section 12 Others (by breed)          
Class 1. Ram - under 1 year $ 12 $ 10 $ 9 $ 8 $ 7
Class 2. Ewe - 1 year and over $ 12 $ 10 $ 9 $ 8 $ 7
Class 3. Ewe lamb - under 1 year $ 12 $ 10 $ 9 $ 8 $ 7
  Champion Ewe   Small Rosette
  Reserve Champion Ewe   Small Rosette
Class 4. Pair of sheep - any age, either sex $ 12 $ 10 $ 9 $ 8 $ 7
  Grand Champion Ram of all breeds     Rosette
  Grand Champion Ewe of all breeds     Rosette

Oley Valley Community Fair Association