Department 23

Apiary Products

Eugene H. Taylor- Chairman

Rules and Regulations
1. All apiary products exhibited must be the product of the bee keepers exhibiting.
2. Exhibitors should make effort to exhibit extracted honey in its proper color class.
3. All products must have been produced the year prior to the Fair.
4. Only one entry will be allowed any exhibitor in any one class.
5. Enter exhibits - Monday 4-8 p.m., Tuesday 4-8 p.m.
6. Exhibits may be removed after 8:30 p.m. Saturday from Agricultural Hall.

Bees, Honey & Wax

Section 1


1. Bees, any race, one frame observation hive, judged on uniformity of color bees, presence of queen, brood and honey, cleanliness and appearance of observation hive.  
$20.00   $18.00   $15.00

Section 2


1.Light Comb - 3 sections
2.Light Comb - 3 round
3.Light Comb - Cut Comb - 3 sections
4.Dark Comb - 3 sections
5.Dark Comb - 3 round
6.Dark Comb - Cut Comb - 3 sections
7.Light Extracted Honey - 3 one pound jars
8.Light Amber Honey - 3 one pound jars
9.Amber Extracted Honey - 3 one pound jars
10.Dark Amber Extracted Honey - 3 one pound jars
11.Dark Extracted Honey - 3 one pound jars
12.Finely Crystalized Honey - 3 one pound jars
13.Chunk Honey - 3 one pund jars

Section 3

Bee's wax

1.Commercial, 1 piece, 1 pound
2.Commercial, 1 piece, not less than 3 pounds
3.Molded or Designed, 1 pound
4.Molded Candles (tapered), 1 pair Judged on color and purity.

Section 4

Collective Exhibit - honey, wax, bees,
(any 2 of the 3), plus other bee products.

Comb honey to be judged on perfection of filling,
capping uniformity, neatness and cleanliness of section.

Extracted honey to be judged on body, clarity, cleanliness.

Section 5

Honey Products

1.Honey Candy (1/2 pound in plastic bag)
2.Honey Cookies (one dozen in plastic bag)
3.Honey Cake (one, not iced, in plastic bag)
4.Honey Bread (one loaf,in plastic bag)
5.Other Baked Products - made with honey (in plastic bag)
Candy and cookies to be judged on general appearance,
shape lightness, texture, moisture, color and flavor.

Maple Syrup & Maple Products

Section 6

Maple Syrup & Maple Products

1.Maple Syrup, one quart container
2.Maple Sugar, one pound cake
3.Maple Cream, one pound
4.Maple Sugar - soft, small individual cakes not less than one pound.
5. Collective Exhibit
Shall be made up of samples, at least one of each,
corresponding to those in each of the foregoing classes.

Products entered in this class may not compete in any other class.

Syrup is to be judged on flavor, color, density and clarity.

Sugar is to be judged on flavor, appearance and texture.

BEST OF SHOW will be selected from Blue Ribbon Winners to receive Rosette Ribbon.